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Leak Detection EquipmentAre leaky pipes an issue with your home, apartment complex, or office building? Slab leaks are a common problem especially in older homes. Water traveling both under and over is a recipe for possible damage. It may be easy to see a water leak coming from a floor above you. Even if your foundation is “waterproof” a leak in the pipes can go unchecked and can produce considerable damage.

Foundation leaks and even irrigation leaks in your yard can go unnoticed. The first indication that there is a problem is when you get your water bill and become aware that your bill is too high! Small leaks can often lead to big repair bills. If your water bill spikes or you have a drop in water pressure then have your pipes and plumbing inspected immediately.

Finding the source of those leaks is what is important. The cracks and unsightly damage they leave behind can be repaired once the source of your plumbing problem is taken care of. Slab leaks are a serious plumbing issue.

We at Mitch Clemmons Plumbing utilize a sophisticated leak detection system when diagnosing possible slab leakage.

Our technicians:

  • Are always trained on this proprietary plumbing equipment at the manufacturer's facility.
  • Ensure proper and efficient use of our electronic leak detection systems.
  • Are experienced plumbers with expert training.
  • Are equipped with the latest in leak discovery technology.

That is what makes Mitch Clemmons Plumbing the best choice to service your leaky pipes.Leak Detection Fullerton Brea LaHabra