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5 Signs of A Water Leak in The Residential Plumbing System

Residential Plumbing SystemA leakage in the plumbing system is a worrisome experience for homeowners. Some kinds of leaks can be quickly detected and easily fixed. Some of the leaks may be hinting at a larger problem in the plumbing system and needs professional solutions to avoid a plumbing emergency. 

The plumbing system in residential buildings is generally complex which means leaks and ruptures are possible at places that you may not expect. For the same reason, it is better to get the assistance of professional experts for leak detection Fullerton, CA as soon as you see signs of a water leak.

 The reasons for leaks are several – ranging from worn-out pipes to tree roots. By hiring the right team that offers water leak detection services Fullerton, CA, you can get it fixed quickly. Here are a few signs of a water leak that you should not deny. 

A Rise in Your Water Bill

One of the common signs of water leakage which homeowners often fail to notice is an increase in the water bills. If the water bills show a rise without any additional water usage happening, it is more likely a sign of water leaks. You may not be able to find a visible sign of leakage, as it may happen below the ground. Therefore, the best option is to hire a professional plumber for slab leak detection Fullerton, CA.  

Presence of Mold 

When a water pipe leaks, it causes constant dripping and moisture inside the walls, roofs, or basement. In other words, an inside water leak is a common cause of basement moisture. And molds easily grow in a moisture environment. If you see any signs of mold growth and cannot identify the reason behind it, it is a wise choice to hire a company for water leak detection services Fullerton, CA. 

Identify Wet Spots 

Another visible sign of water leaks is wet spots around the places where pipes are installed. Sometimes you may not be able to identify wet spots but see a discoloration on the floor or wall. 

Change in Water Pressure 

If you find low pressure in water flow from faucets or fixtures, it should not be overlooked. It is a definite sign of water leakage. If it is happening in just one tap, it is easy to pinpoint the location of water leakage as it will be near to that room. If it is a common issue in the house, the leak could be somewhere in the main pipeline outside the house. 

Unusual Sounds of Flowing Water 

If you have observed any unfamiliar sounds of flowing water from the floor, walls, or roof, it should not be taken lightly. You should immediately hire a company that offers water leak detection services Fullerton, CA, to fix it.  

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