One-Stop Solution for Water Leak Detection Services

Piped water supply to the home is an essential part of our daily lives. But a minor leak can cause major damage, including mold, fungi (mildew), and defaced walls and floors. Leaks are often difficult to detect. The correct location of a leak should be detected first before suitable repair can be done. Mitch Clemmons Plumbing has the dedicated tools and training for Leak Detection and Leak repair service.

water leak detection

Knowing, If You Have A Leak

How to know that there is a water pipe leak problem at your home. Some common indicators of an ongoing leak are:

  • Increase in your water bill
  • Reduced water pressure
  • Visible signs of water damage.
  • The constant sound of running water, and
  • Running water meter while nobody is using water

Mitch Clemmons Plumbing : A Leading Water Leak Detection Service Provider

Mitch Clemmons Plumbing is a leading professional leak detection service provider in your city. We’re fully equipped with the latest technologies for Leak Detection in. Mitch Clemmons Plumbing is also experienced in dealing with Leak repair service. We employ a wide range of tools we can use to find your leaking water and drain lines. We also undertake Slab Leak Repair.

Mitch Clemmons Plumbing delivers high-quality, reliable commercial plumbing services to the California-based consumer. Top-quality service delivery and customer satisfaction are two driving forces for us.

water leak detection

Leak Detection Tools, Techniques, and Technologies

Mitch Clemmons Plumbing uses the following state-of-the-art tools, techniques, and technologies to detect a leak.

  • Electronic high sensitivity listening equipment
  • Electronic line tracing equipment
  • Thermal imaging devices
  • Dyes
  • Other tools and techniques

We use Sonde Locator, Tracer, Metal Detector, Water Leak Locator, Pipe-cable Location Tracing Tool, Plastic, and Non-Metallic Pipe Locator, Camera, Lost Manhole Cover Locators, etc. We take decibel readings in different parts of your home to find out the location of the leakage. A combination of various tools and techniques is used to solve your issues perfectly.

One of Our Best Tools – Goldak Locator Systems

Leaders in Underground Locating Equipment Since 1933!

Founded in 1933, Goldak Inc. has continually strived to achieve one main goal; to provide their customers with innovative underground locating products while emphasizing qualities such as: high performance, reliability, durability, accuracy, simplicity, and affordability. It is not by accident that Goldak has thrived for almost three quarters of a century.

Act Early To Minimize Damage

Early detection of any leak would ensure a safe water supply without disrupting the water supply and damage to your home.
If you think there is a leak in your home, hire a leak detection specialist today.

leak detectionWhy “Mitch Clemmons Plumbing” is Unique

  • A leading residential and commercial plumbing solutions provider
  • One-stop-solution at your single call or click
  • Well trained plumbing personnel & experts
  • Guaranteed a fair and truthful evaluation of your leak detection and repair problem
  • Highly customized services offered as per your needs
  • Competitive pricing that won’t hurt your wallet

Just give us a call! And book one of our professional leak detection specialists to visit your home and check any leak problems.

With over 25 years of experience servicing the North Orange County area Mitch Clemmons Plumbing and his team strive to offer honest plumbing estimates, affordable pricing, and quality plumbing work.