Can you be fined for using too much water in your house?

There is too much misinformation on both sides of the argument. But yes, you can be fined. A LOT! And they can put you in jail.

I read the entire code, and a person can be fined $1000 initially and up to $10,000 plus $500 per day for not complying with the water conservation code.

Under the guise of preventing a water shortage (which is quite important), the state has given themselves, local water suppliers, and the courts broad powers to fine and even jail residents for using “too much” water in their homes. It is another area that the government is expanding control over citizens.

Should we conserve water? Of course, we should. Should we educate California residents on the potential dangers of not being careful with this most important resource? You bet! But the water code in California is quite restrictive and sets the per capita residential indoor water use at a ridiculously low level. It also uses subjective language in the code and allows for the creation of arbitrary “water conservation programs”.

So what’s the problem with the new code?

If the State of California, the county you live in, the city you live in, or the water company that serves your home decides to develop a “water conservation program”, you are required to follow the rules of the program or face fines and jail. In other words, if the water company that serves you says you can only water your lawn on Tuesdays and Thursdays and you water on Wednesday, the water company can fine you $1000 and send you to jail for up to 30 days. Additionally, they can further fine you up to $10,000 plus $500 per day. In order to fine you more than $1000 the court must find all of the following:

(A) The residential user had actual notice of the requirement found to be violated. 

 (B) The conduct was intentional.

 (C) The amount of water involved was substantial.  

That all sounds good, right?

As a hypothetical, if the city determines as part of their water conservation program that you may not shower and do laundry on the same day, the following could land you with a $10,000 fine or more.

For (A) they just have to mail you, email you, or otherwise be able to prove you were notified of the rules of the water conservation program.

For (B) you intentionally took a shower and did laundry

For (C) Since “substantial” is subjective if you used more than their ridiculously low standard of 55 gallons per person on that day they can call that substantial.

or this

As a hypothetical, if the city determines as part of their water conservation program that you may not water you lawn except one day a week, the following could land you with a $10,000 fine or more.

For (A) they just have to mail you, email you, or otherwise be able to prove you were notified of the rules of the water conservation program.

For (B) you programmed your irrigation timer to water two days a week

For (C) Since “substantial” is subjective, they can say it’s substantial because you watered twice as often as they said you could.

I could come up with hundreds of hypothetical scenarios for “water conservation programs” cities, counties, the state of CA, or your local water department could create. Essentially, the state has given themselves, cities, counties, water companies, and others the power to make rules at their whim which could cause residents to receive ridiculous fines and jail time. This is overreaching and giving the state too much power over the individual. Yes, of course, we need to be water-wise! But the state is using this to create more expansive power for itself. The water code could be more reasonable in its water usage allowances and less subjective in the language.

Don’t believe me about these things? Below is the section that talks about it in the CA water code. I’ve also included links to the full text of the CA water code below the quoted text.

(a) From and after the publication or posting of any ordinance or resolution pursuant to Section 376, a violation of a requirement of a water conservation program adopted pursuant to Section 376 is a misdemeanor. A person convicted under this subdivision shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail for not more than 30 days, or by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both.

 (b) A court or public entity may hold a person civilly liable in an amount not to exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000) for a violation of any of the following:

 (1) An ordinance or resolution adopted pursuant to Section 376.

 (2) A regulation adopted by the board under Section 1058.5 or Chapter 9 (commencing with Section 10609) of Part 2.55 of Division 6, unless the board regulation provides that it cannot be enforced under this section or provides for a lesser applicable maximum penalty.

 (c) Commencing on the 31st day after the public entity notified a person of a violation described in subdivision (b), the person additionally may be civilly liable in an amount not to exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000) plus five hundred dollars ($500) for each additional day on which the violation continues.

 (d) Remedies prescribed in this section are cumulative and not alternative, except that no liability shall be recoverable under this section for any violation of paragraph (2) of subdivision (b) if the board has filed a complaint pursuant to Section 1846 alleging the same violation.

 (e) A public entity may administratively impose the civil liability described in subdivisions (b) and (c) after providing notice and an opportunity for a hearing. The public entity shall initiate a proceeding under this subdivision by a complaint issued pursuant to Section 377.5. The public entity shall issue the complaint at least 30 days before the hearing on the complaint and the complaint shall state the basis for the proposed civil liability order.

 (f) (1) In determining the amount of civil liability to assess, a court or public entity shall take into consideration all relevant circumstances, including, but not limited to, the nature and persistence of the violation, the extent of the harm caused by the violation, the length of time over which the violation occurs, and any corrective action taken by the violator.

 (2) The civil liability calculated pursuant to paragraph (1) for the first violation of subdivision (b) by a residential water user shall not exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000) except in extraordinary situations where the court or public entity finds all of the following:

 (A) The residential user had actual notice of the requirement found to be violated.

 (B) The conduct was intentional.

 (C) The amount of water involved was substantial.

 (g) The civil liability imposed pursuant to this section shall be paid to the public entity and expended solely for the purposes of this chapter.

 (h) An order setting administrative civil liability shall become effective and final upon issuance of the order and payment shall be made. Judicial review of any final order shall be pursuant to Section 1094.5 of the Code of Civil Procedure.

 (i) In addition to the remedies prescribed in this section, a public entity may enforce water use limitations established by an ordinance or resolution adopted pursuant to this chapter, or as otherwise authorized by law, by a volumetric penalty in an amount established by the public entity.

 (Amended by Stats. 2018, Ch. 14, Sec. 2. (SB 606) Effective January 1, 2019.)

There is a lot of misinformation out there in internet land, but it is very easy to read for yourself the text of the water code and the 2018 amendment to the water code online. The problem is most people just repeat what they hear on the news, social media, or from their friends without actually taking the time to read the water code for themselves.

The section of the California water conservation code can be found here:

(Go ahead, read it yourself.) 

And here is the Bill that the governor signed in 2018 that modified the water code

(Read it, I dare you!)  

Aside from all of this mumbo jumbo, there are things you can do to make your home more efficient and to get a better understanding of your water usage.  

One of the best things I’ve found is to install a device that can monitor your water usage. There are a few options out there, but one of my favorites is FLO by Moen with the FloProtect bundle. Features of this bundle:

  1. Allows you to see your home water usage by minute, hour, day, week, and month
  2. Shows you your water usage by fixture
  3. Insurance Verification Letter & Water Damage Deductible Guarantee
  4. Alerts you via the app if there is a leak
  5. You can shut off your water through the app in an emergency
  6. Proactive Monitoring + Water Concierge service

By using this device you can protect yourself from flooding in your home and it will help you identify where you use the most water so that you can make intelligent decisions on water conservation in the home. If you have a shower head that has too high of a flow rate it will show you. If you have a broken sprinkler line it will be easy to identify. If you have a toilet that runs intermittently it will tell you so.

Another device is a wifi-enabled irrigation controller (if you have a yard with sprinklers). I have the Rachio at my house, but several companies make similar units. This will help you monitor and manage your irrigation more effectively. Irrigation is almost always the biggest consumer of water in a single-family residence with a yard.  

Lastly, you can make sure you have water-saving fixtures in your house. Replacing old inefficient toilets with the new high-efficiency toilets is a huge benefit. But making sure you have low flow kitchen and bathroom faucets, and low flow showerheads are also important.

If you are pro-active about being water-wise in your own home these restrictive California water conservation codes will not be a concern of yours. Let us know if you would like more information on how to be more water-wise.

Mitch Clemmons

Founder, Clemmons Services, Inc
DBA Mitch Clemmons Plumbing
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Water Softener

How Water Softening System Makes Your Family Healthier

Many homeowners usually think tap water is safe to wash in, to cook with, and to drink directly from the faucet. However, this isn’t always the case. The water that flows out of your tap can be hard and contaminated.

However, you can connect a home water softening system to clean up your tap water to remain healthy. A Water Softener Service can help you install the system.

Take a look at how the water softening system can make your family healthier.

It Softens The Hard Water

If you notice the water you use is constantly leaving a white flaky residue if your clothes become stiff after you wash them, and if you’ve been breaking out more often than usual, you are most likely using hard water.

That flaky residue indicates too much magnesium and calcium in the water and it gets into your pores too apart from your clothes. A water softener uses a combination of salt and special beads that can help pull all the pesky minerals out of your water, making the soap more effective, allowing your clothes to get clean, and also significantly improving the hair and skin health.

It Clears Iron From The Water

If your water runs orange, yellow, or a deep and murky red, it is a sign of an unpleasant concentration of iron in your tap water. Iron is one of the most common and undesirable contaminants which are a result of either iron seeping down from iron-rich soil or old rusting iron pipes. The iron-filled tap water can lead to icky red staining in your toilet and sinks and turn anything you cook dark and bitter. When you install a water filtration system, the iron can easily be filtered. You can drink and use clear, delicious water.

It Removes Chlorine

Water that is rich in chlorine can give off nasty fumes, burn your eyes, cause health problems, and can also pose a cancer risk in the long-term. You can filter the chlorine out with the help of a water filter system easily.

Call Mitch Clemmons Plumbing Today For Water Softener Service

At Mitch Clemmons Plumbing, we have a team of experienced plumbers who can help install, maintain or repair any kind of water filtration system. We care for the wellbeing of our community and work toward providing your family with a healthy lifestyle. We serve families in Fullerton and La Habra and many families recommend us as the best Water Softener Service. Make a call at (562) 247-4994 today for Water Softeners Service.

How Do You Know if You Have a Plumbing Leak?

plumbing repair serviceWhen it comes to plumbing, minor leaks aren’t often a major concern for homeowners. After all, it’s just a little water, right? Actually, an average household in the U.S. can save almost 10,000 gallons of water annually if they have simple leaks fixed. So it’s important to get leaks fixed right away, even the small ones. But how do you know if you have a plumbing leak? Well, let’s take a look at a few common signs of plumbing leaks.

Noticeable wet spots: One of the most obvious signs that you’re experiencing some leaks in your plumbing is wet spots. Whether it’s a puddle of water around the toilet or a sink or wet spots on floors, ceilings or walls, having an area of water is never a good sign. But fortunately, wet spots make it easy to spot where the leak is coming from. So if you notice wet spots, make sure to schedule a plumbing repair service to fix the leak and avoid water damage to your home.

Higher water bills: Another sign that you may be experiencing a plumbing leak is an increase in your water bills. While there are plenty of other reasons a water bill could increase, if you haven’t been using more water than normal, you may have a leak. Even a slight drip from a leaking sink can cause your water bill to skyrocket. So if you find that your water bill is steadily increasing, talk to your local plumber about possible leaks. This way, you can ensure you’re saving money and water by getting any leaks taken care of promptly.

Decreased water pressure: If you turn on the bathroom sink or shower and notice that the water pressure seems lower than usual, this could warrant plumbing repair services. When a plumbing system has a loose connection, damaged pipes, or leaks, there’s bound to be a decrease in water pressure. And while water pressure could be affected by something else, like other water being used at the same time, significantly decreased water pressure could be a serious problem. So if you’re noticing a steady decrease in water pressure, call a plumber sooner rather than later.

Hopefully, this article has given you some useful knowledge regarding spotting plumbing leaks. If you notice any of these warning signs, make sure you invest in plumbing repair services so you can ensure you’re being smart about your water use.

drain clog

Benefits and Tips for Regular Drain Cleaning

How often do you remember to clean the drains in your home? Proper drain cleaning is essential to remove clogs and keep the drains running correctly. Also, it can prevent future problems with the drains in your home.

Do You Need a Professional Drain Cleaning Service for the Work? 

Though many homeowners attempt to clean their drains by learning DIY tips, for best results and to keep the drain running well, professional service is necessary.

What Drain Cleaning Service Provider Does?

A professional drain cleaning team will come equipped with all the tools necessary to clean your drain. You don’t have to worry about the end results. They can apply their sewer jetting process which not only removes clogs but cleans the pipe itself. It will restore your pipe’s effectiveness and leave you with almost geed as new pipes.

For thoroughly cleaning the pipe, a hot jet of highly pressurized water is forced into the pipe. The professionals are skilled in this task. It will break up tough debris such as tree roots and strip away built-up kitchen grease that usually clogs the pipe.

Tips to Keep Your Pipe Running Smoothly

Following these tips can prevent damage and costly repairs, as well as prolong the lifespan of your pipes:

  • Allow only water and human waste to go into your pipes: Wet wipes, food, feminine products, kitchen grease, or other items can clog your kitchen or bathroom drains.
  • Get hair and food traps: Hair, when accumulated, can cause your drain to clog. Use a hair trap for your shower or bathtub. You can also get a food trap for your kitchen sink to avoid future clogs.
  • Don’t invest in commercial drain cleaners: Liquid drain cleaners are highly toxic. It also poses a threat to children and pets. These harmful chemicals can seep into groundwater, poisoning your drinking water as well as harming waterways and wildlife. Also, they aren’t suitable for all types of clogs.

Hire Mitch Clemmons Plumbing for Best Drain Cleaning in Fullerton and La Habra Areas

Mitch Clemmons Plumbing is a reliable company that provides the best drain cleaning service in Fullerton and La Habra. We have years of experience backed by a proven track record of successfully fixing drain issues in nearby areas. Our end goal is to satisfy our customers and our ever-evolving team works day in and out to achieve the same. Talk with one of our friendly representatives now for best Drain Cleaning Long Beach.

Why Should Clogged Drains Be Handled By Professional Plumbers?

drain cleaning serviceEveryone knows that dreaded feeling when you’re in the shower or washing dishes in the kitchen sink and the water stops draining. Clogged drains are one of the most common, and most annoying, plumbing problems homeowners face. So what do you do when you need some drain cleaning done? While you may be tempted to dump a bunch of de-clogging chemicals down the drain, let’s take a look at a few reasons to invest in professional drain cleaning services.

Protect the plumbing system: When it comes to a clogged shower drain, kitchen sink, or bathroom sink, homeowners often resort to unsafe methods, like using a wire hanger or harsh chemicals, to fix the clog. While these methods may be effective, they’re overall damaging to the plumbing system. Fortunately, professional drain cleaning services get the job done without causing harm to the system. The tools and products used are completely safe and effective. So the clog can get taken care of while ensuring your system is protected too.

Provides a real solution: If you try to fix a clog yourself, you may end up doing more harm than good. Or you may take care of only part of the problem, still leaving yourself dealing with a frustrating clog. Furthermore, there are some problems that can’t be fixed without professional services. So taking the time to hire a local plumber in the first place will not only help fix the problem at hand but can clean the drain system properly in order to prevent future clogs as well. Professional drain cleaning can offer a real solution to clogged drains.

Potential issues are noticed: Sometimes, a clogged drain is more than a clogged drain. But without a professional plumbing service, further issues may go unnoticed. This can lead to even more issues down the road and if they’re not taken care of, your entire system could become compromised. But a professional plumber can not only take care of your clogged drain, but they can inspect the system to look for other issues. If there are further problems, they can be taken care of right then and there.

Fortunately for homeowners, there are about 117,776 plumbing businesses in the United States. So next time you have a clogged drain or another plumbing issue, make sure you leave it to the professionals to get the job done right.

Leak Detection Fullerton Brea LaHabra

Is Your Slab Leaking? Spot Common Signs

It is not easy to spot a slab leak as they are not easily accessed nor can they be fixed manually. Here are some common signs to identify if your slab is leaking. It is also advisable to take the help of Slab Leak Detection professional to do the job for you.   

Signs To Identify A Slab Leak Issue:

  • Increased water and/or energy bills: Your water or energy bills will be substantially higher than usual. It will happen even though you haven’t been using any more water or electricity than you normally do.
  • The odd sound of running water: If hear the sound of running water even after you turn off all the fixtures, it probably might be the sound of your slab leaking.
  • Water pressure is low: In the case of a slab leak, the water will not flow strongly as it usually does. One strong and common reason for water pressure drop is a slab leak which a Slab Leak Detection professional can easily handle.
  • The water heater has burnt out: A slab leak makes the water heater work extra hard much like a pump of a well. It can shorten its lifespan and you will have to replace your water heater.
  • You notice puddles: When there is a slab leak, you will notice water puddles on your kitchen floor, bathroom or even the laundry room. You might also notice puddles or wet spots on the slab itself in cases where the broken pipe runs through underground or the garage.

It is not only indoors. If you notice puddles in the yard that haven’t come from the garden hose, you need a professional plumber to inspect the case.

  • Floors are damaged and cracked: Damaged and cracked floors are major signs of slab leak which you should not let go unnoticed. You need to repair the leak quickly and also call in a general contractor to repair the floor to prevent further damage to your property.
  • Hot Spots: When there is a leak in your hot water line, the concrete of the slab will heat up. It will make the slab warm and also warm the floors right above it.

Mitch Clemmons Plumbing: The Only Plumbing Service You Need

If you reside in Fullerton, La Habra, Brea or anywhere nearby, you can leave all your plumbing issues including slab leak issue in the experienced hands of Mitch Clemmons Plumbing. We have all the tools and expertise necessary to solve your plumbing issues. Give us a call today: (562) 247-4994!

water softener diagram

Tips for Water Softener Installation and Maintenance

You can make proper use of a water softener only when it is installed and maintained correctly. In this post can learn the key elements of both water softener installation and maintenance.

In case you are wondering what purpose a water softener serves, it is a piece of equipment that performs the task of softening the hard water. It can replace minerals including calcium and magnesium with the sodium ions. Note that the job is best done by a Water Softer Service.

Tips for Water Softener Installation

  • The basic tools you will need include a drill, glue, and clamps. They will make the drilling, joinery, and fitting of parts be more precise.
  • Locate the right placement. It is good to place the water softener near your plumbing area. Other viable options can be your garage, basement area, and utility rooms to avoid any disturbance with the function. Check the location temperature. It should not be freezing nor scorching. Also, never install it outdoors to avoid damage.
  • For external hook-ups, you will need a drain-floor or a similar utility that can work as a sink. You should also have an electrical receptacle, the one that doesn’t depend on the switch.
  • Make sure the end of the softener’s drain line is above the grate of the drain. It will prevent the malfunction of the water softener.

Tips for Water Softener Maintenance

  • Use pure salt with iron remover. Rock salt can cause the injector and the softener’s control valve to clog as it builds sediment in the brine tank.
  • Using pure salt is a cost-effective option. Iron remover can maximize your softener maintenance. Using it once a year will aid you to maintain a clean resin bed and parts of the control valve for a cleaner water softener.
  • Ensure that almost all of the salt in the tank is used up before refilling it. Refill no more than two-thirds full.
  • Pure salt also contains contaminants. You should clean the brine tank at least once a year to avoid contamination in your water.

Hire Experienced Water Softener Service

You don’t have to put your property at risk by installing or maintaining your water softener yourself. Get the help of Mitch Clemmons Plumbing for precise plumbing installation and maintenance. Or if you already have a water softener installed at home that is not functioning well, our efficient and experienced team can check to see if it can be repaired. Give us a call 562-362-3218,

3 Problems That Call for Professional Toilet Repair Services

toilet repairOut of all of the appliances in your house, your toilet is probably one that you always want to work properly. Unfortunately, no appliance is invincible and you may find yourself facing a problem with your toilet. So, what do you do when your toilet is out of commission? Well, let’s discuss a few problems that would warrant professional toilet repair services.

The toilet is leaking: You walk into your bathroom only to find a puddle of water surrounding your toilet. This is not a good sign and should be taken care of immediately. If you notice a crack in the toilet tank or bowl, you could be experiencing significant problems with water efficiency. And not to mention the damage the water can do to your floor. So if you notice your toilet is leaking and can’t find any obvious causes, call a local plumber as soon as possible. If you wait, you could risk having damage to your floors and not having a working toilet for a few days.

The toilet won’t stop running: Did you know that when a toilet won’t stop running it can leak more than 200 gallons of water each day? So if your toilet won’t stop running, it can be a good idea to disconnect the water from the toilet to prevent wasting more water than necessary. After the water is disconnected, it’s time to call a plumbing service. A plumber will be able to check the tank and see if the connection between the flush handle and the rubber stopper is working properly or not, which is usually the cause of running toilets.

The toilet won’t flush: While clogs aren’t all that uncommon, if your toilet is repeatedly not flushing, there may be a bigger problem at hand. When your toilet won’t flush properly, it’s not only inconvenient, but it’s extremely inefficient. There are several reasons for a toilet not to flush, like a problem with the lift chain or water valve. Fortunately, a plumbing repair service will be able to conduct the necessary toilet repair to have it working good as new in no time.

It can be extremely frustrating when your toilet isn’t working properly, especially if it’s the only one in the house. So save yourself a headache and call a plumber when things go awry with your toilet for quick and professional toilet repair.

drain cleaning

Importance of Drain Cleaning: Best Tips

Drain Cleaning may not be the best job to conduct but it is vital for health safety and comfort. The point of having drains at home is to flush wastewater out. It makes the area a key location for mold and bacteria buildup.

In your kitchen, illness-causing germs in food, food particles, and other yucky stuff frequently get flushed down the pipes. In bathrooms, you wash your hands, brush your teeth, and bathe your body, letting the residual water wash away. If you don’t clean the areas regularly, these areas can get pretty mucky. Mold growth, buildup from oils, and germs thrive in moist environments. They can cause smells, appear unsightly, and cause a real health threat over time.

How Often Should You Clean Your Drains?

You can ensure your drains stay fresh and clear of debris over time by adding drain cleaning to your regular cleaning schedule. Flush drains once a week with boiling water to keep most mold and germ growth under control.

Best Tips for Drain Cleaning

  • Cleaning for basic maintenance: Fill up a sink or tub with hot tap water or boiling water from a pot. Open the drain line to allow the water to fully work through the line instead of trickling down the path of least resistance. You can also use either baking soda or vinegar for added freshness.
  • Clearing mold: In case you notice mold in your shower or bathroom pipe, scrub out the visible area using a drain brush and baking soda. Flush thoroughly with vinegar and then with hot water again.
  • Clearing hair: Often hair buildup in drains will need the assistance of a professional plumber, especially if there is a significant buildup. Consider buying a drain strainer to prevent hair from clogging your drains. You can get it from your local home improvement or a big box store.
  • Clearing blockages:  In case hot water doesn’t seem to do the trick for clearing out minor blockages or getting rid of mold and bad odors, call a plumber. You could have a problem deeper in the line that needs to be examined. Don’t use chemical-filled products as they can sit above the blockage and rust your pipes, worsening the problem.
  • Clearing food disposals: Food disposals can cause bad odors. To eliminate food disposals and odor, pour baking soda into the drain followed by some vinegar. Allow the solution to sit for some time before running very hot water down the drain.

By cleaning your drain regularly, you can successfully prevent the most common drain blockage and odor problems. Many experts recommend cleaning solutions, like baking soda and vinegar, for a 100% natural and environmentally-friendly solution.

Hire a Drain Cleaning Professional

If you notice a lingering smell or a blockage that home remedies can’t fix, the professionals at Mitch Clemmons Plumbing can help you diagnose and fix drain issues and pipe blockages. We can also help fix leakages in pipes and install new drainage pipes. Get an appointment with one of our certified and reliable plumbers today.  Call us at 562-362-3218!


Water Heater Installation

Things to Consider For Water Heater Installation

If you want a steady flow of hot water going to all the plumbing fixtures in your household year-round, water heater installation should be a top priority. Here are things you should consider before installing a water heater.

Type of Water Heater:  

There is a selection of water heaters, including conventional water heaters, tankless water heaters, and solar water heaters. Your water heater installation professional can suggest which option is best suited for your home.

Type of Fuel: 

Gas and electricity are the two main fuel types for water heaters. The fuel type you consider to use requires aligning with your requirements at the moment, especially for water heater installation. A gas water heater may be the right choice if you want to save cost on energy. But, if you wish to opt for a water heater for longer-lasting power, an electric water heater may be better. It all depends on your choice.

Demands of Hot Water: 

Speaking of personal choices, your hot water demands are also a vital point of consideration. In case your home has a lot of kitchen and bathroom fixtures, you have to install the right water heater that can cover all of them. On the other hand, a water heater installation that will offer you with more than what you require simply isn’t an efficient way to go.

The Rate of Energy Efficiency: 

You will also have to think about how a water heater will be able to save you money on energy bills. In case your conventional water heater is mounting your bill on the energy front, then you have to consider switching to a tankless water heater. It features a 96% efficiency rate. Otherwise, a solar water heater is also an acceptable alternative since it won’t burn fuel as much.

Overall Cost: 

The average cost of installing a conventional water heater in 2016 was around $889.00. Whilst that may be more cost-effective as compared to other types, don’t let it become the sole driving factor in your decision. A cost-efficient water heater is not always the best option, particularly when you are opening yourself up to the chance of poor water heating performance and lower levels of efficiency.

Winter will be here before you know it. Don’t get caught in the cold. Schedule a Water Heater Installation Today. You don’t have to stick to a particular water heater if it does not meet your requirements. Allow a professional to decide the best for you today.

Best Water Heater Installation

If you are struggling in knowing what is best for you, call Mitch Clemmons Plumbing for the best water heater installation option. We have years of experience to know what water heater will prove to be the right fit for your home. We will come equipped with all the tools and equipment necessary to install any system. Call us at 562-362-3218