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benefits of soft water

8 Benefits of Soft Water

What are the 8 benefits of soft water? There are some very noticeable benefits that people receive after installing a water softener system: No more soap scum on the shower...

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toilet install

Toilet Install – A How To Manual

Toilet Install – What’s Involved? Many homeowners think they can do the job themselves when it comes to needing a new toilet. We admire that kind of ‘can-do’ attitude. So...

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fix garbage disposal

Fix Garbage Disposal

Can it be done easily? A garbage disposal is an essential appliance in many kitchens, but it can be frustrating when it gets jammed. Here are a few simple steps...

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Hot Water Heater Problems

Hot Water Heater Problems?

Got a problem with your water heater? Here’s the answer to the most commonly asked questions Can my water heater be repaired? Yes, repairing a water heater is possible. If...

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Drain Cleaning Tips

Drain Cleaning Tips and Keeping it Clear When showers and bathtubs start to drain slowly, it is usually hair causing the clog. Liquid bleach dissolves hair. Try pouring a cup...

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Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heater Pros & Cons

Tankless Water Heater or not? I’ve been getting a few questions about tankless water heaters lately. I’m not much of a salesman since I talk most of my customers out...

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