fix garbage disposal

Fix Garbage Disposal

Can it be done easily?

A garbage disposal is an essential appliance in many kitchens, but it can be frustrating when it gets jammed. Here are a few simple steps to unjam your disposal and get it running smoothly again. 

What are the steps a person should take to fix the garbage disposal?

  1. See if there is a buzz when you turn the disposal on. If so, there is the power to the disposal.
    • The blades are probably stuck.
    • You can put some dish soap in there, and underneath is an Allen wrench spot where you can insert it in the bottom of the disposal and turn it anyway to loosen the blades.
  2. If you hear no buzz when you turn it on, the garbage disposal is not getting power.
    • A red reset button on the bottom of the unit needs to be pushed.
    • You can use a flashlight and see this button or feel around blindly. (;-) This will reset and hopefully restore your disposal. 
    • If not, check your breaker panel for a tripped breaker.
  3. If the disposal is making a lot of noise, there is probably something in there. 
    • Turn off the power using the switch. Reach in and clear whatever might be blocking the disposal. If this does not work, you can remove the fittings from the disposal and try and clear it by taking things apart.
    • Take care to disassemble the disposal by twisting the mount from the device. Then when re-assembling make sure that all three tabs lock on.
    • When done with the clean-out fill the sink half full with water and then pull the plug, turn the disposal on, washing out the disposal.
    • Note: This might be a great time to call Mitch Clemmons Plumbing at (562) 246-9778.

Video that shows how to fix a garbage disposal:

  1. Nathan Shows Us How to Unjam a Garbage Disposal on a YouTube Video <- Watch this video if you want to see it done.
  2. We can install any brand of garbage disposal but we do carry Moen Disposals on our truck for a quick installation.

So there you have it. A step-by-step guide to fixing your garbage disposal including a video. If the garbage disposal is still stuck just pick up the phone and call us for help. We can have a technician out to your home in no time to take care of whatever repair needs you may have – and all at an affordable price, too. Don’t wait any longer; give us a call today!

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