Pipe Leaks

Pipe Leaks and 3 Ways to Fix Them

Pipe leaks are a huge pain. They can cause so much damage and expense, but sometimes it’s hard to tell where the leak originated. Is your leak coming from a drain line, or is it in the incoming line? Then, you’ll want to know if it comes from a galvanized pipe, a copper pipe, or a pex pipe. The first step is figuring out what type of pipe you’re dealing with. 

For example, under kitchen or bathroom sinks, there are 4-5 possible joints that could be leaking. It might be as simple as tightening that joint.

Some methods for fixing pipes are like a bandaid; they are merely short-term repairs. They’re not ideal as permanent solutions because eventually, your fixing job will come undone again if there isn’t something more substantial holding it in place. Leaks are sneaky and can happen in many places, but don’t worry. We’ve got your back with three easy ways to stop that leak before it worsens.

Pipe Leaks and the Knowledge you Need

As mentioned above, try and first locate the source of the leak. For example, you might think it’s in your wall or under the sink. If you are seeing water coming from the leak, it is a good idea to stop using that fixture until an expert can come over. However, temporary fixes are relatively easy and keep the problem at bay until the professionals arrive. Many professionals also use infrared thermography, which helps them find leaks you cannot. If you cannot locate the source of the leak, call us at (562) 246-9778.

3 Ways you Can Stop Pipe Leaks

1. Epoxy Putty

This adhesive can quickly stop a leak in its tracks and fill any space. You want the type made for plumbing pipes because it will adhere better applied over your source of water leaks. The first step in repairing your leaky pipes is to turn off the water at its closest valve. This will stop any extra flow from coming out of exposed joints or fittings on either side, giving you time to make repairs without worrying about damaging anything else. 

If you can’t find a local shut-off valve, look for the main shut-off to your home. The main water valve is usually at the front of the house by the street. Or you can find it using a property inspection report. Next, you will need to drain all of the water from that line and dry it out. You can’t put epoxy on a saturated surface. Once any excess moisture is removed, tear off enough adhesive for where the leak is located, and knead over the leak till it’s covered with the resin.

The instructions with the putty will tell you how long to leave it on. Follow them closely so your pipe leak repair is successful. Lastly, turn the water on after curing and check if there is any leaking. If not, then that means you’ve put a temporary fix on your pipe. If not, call us at (562) 246-9778.

2. Pipe Repair Kit With Tape

You can also try using a pipe repair kit with tape. This is an easy way to stop the leak temporarily. To do this, shut off your water supply first. Next, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on activating and applying fiberglass tape around where you see leaks. If there are low-pressure lines in your system, use silicone tape instead. Call Mitch Clemmons if you don’t want to mess with this! (562) 246-9778.

Flexibility is a big plus for this product, but it’s not perfect. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional if you need help with your installation or have other questions about the tape. Remember, your time is essential, so we suggest you call us to fix your leaky pipe correctly the first time. (562) 246-9778

3. Patch and Clamp Repair

The third way to repair a leak is with patches and clamps. First, turn off the water supply from your home or business’s plumbing system so that you can dry out any area where there are leaks before filing down any sharp pipe edges if necessary.

Once you have applied the patch over your damaged section, use clamps to tighten it and turn on the water. If there are no leaks, then congratulations! You just repaired a pipe.

When it Gets Too Tough, it’s Time to Leave it to the Professionals.

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