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How do I find a plumber in Fullerton I can trust?

When it comes to plumbing, you want someone who can tackle the job with confidence and get it done right – and fast! But how do you know if the plumber coming into your home is someone worthy of your trust? While everyone’s situation is different, there are a few key qualities that make a great plumber more trustworthy. In this blog post, we’ll explore a few items that will help you determine if your plumbing service provider really knows their stuff. So grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and let’s dive in!

We give you honest plumbing repair pricing

If you have had other estimates from another company we’ll look it over and let you know if that is a fair price. If it is, we’ll let you know. If it’s not, and there’s a better solution, we’re going to let you know what that is. We try and give our clients three options; good, better and best. We want to work within your budget, every time. We don’t want to be just another plumber in Fullerton, we care about our customers and we also care about our employees.

We deliver a service that shows we care for our customers

We care about our customers and we also care about our employees. Each and every one we come into contact with, whether it’s a customer or an employee is treated with dignity and respect. And this service starts with the very first call to our office to the moment we leave your home, better than we found it. 

We show up on time

Every customer expects the plumbing company to show up on time and be respectful. But we tell our guys every day that we want them to WOW our customers. We want each customer to feel like a family friend that they can count on to do a good job for them. 

What to do if a plumbing emergency arises

Being a homeowner comes with its own set of challenges, from keeping up with mundane maintenance tasks to dealing with unexpected issues that arise. Unfortunately, one of the unforeseeable occurrences you must face is a plumbing emergency. Don’t panic! Call us and we’ll take care of the problem.
(562) 246-9778
24hr Emergency Service

Some helpful tips for choosing the right plumber for your needs

Hiring the right plumber for your home’s needs can be a daunting task. You may consider yourself handy enough, or you might think it so simple that anyone could do it – but sometimes doing plumbing repairs yourself can be a mistake! Why take a chance? With years of experience, advanced tools and certifications, Mitch Clemmons Plumbing can take the worry and possible problems out of the equation. So whether you’re upgrading your bathroom fixtures or replacing leaky pipes, call a pro today. One you can really trust!

How to prepare for your plumber’s visit

When it comes to being prepared for your plumber’s visit there really isn’t much to do. But here are a few items to consider:

  • If you have something going on at the kitchen or bathroom sink it would be helpful to clean underneath so the plumber can get under there.
  • If you have a leak go ahead and shut off the water at the main valve.
  • If it’s a problem with the toilet, reach behind the bowl and turn off the shut-off valve.
  • If your water heater is leaking you can also turn off the valve on that to keep the water from running out.
  • But do call us right away and we’ll be there to help.

Call Mitch Clemmons Plumbing Today!
(562) 246-9778
24hr Emergency Plumbing Service

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Plumbers Near Me And Why You Want It To Be Mitch Clemmons

When you speak into your phone and say the magic words “plumbers near me”,  know that you will be in good hands if the results show Mitch Clemmons Plumbing. With over 25 years of experience, Mitch Clemmons Plumbing and his team strive to offer honest plumbing estimates that are affordable for all. With a focus on quality workmanship, they will be sure your home or business has the repairs it needs at a price you can afford.

We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Whether it’s an emergency or just routine service needs like faucet replacement and hot water heater installation. You can trust that our team will always go above and beyond to ensure that all your plumbing problems get solved in the timeliest manner.

Founded by veterans with decades of experience under their belt, we know what quality really means. Need some help with your plumbing? We’re a full-service company that can do anything from fixing leaks to installing new fixtures. Here are just a few of the issues we’ve helped people solve:

  1. Fix a gas leak
  2. Handle a water leak in your pipes
  3. Repair a cracked toilet
  4. Replace faulty pipes with PEX or copper
  5. Discover the reason for low water pressure
  6. Fix a clogged or stuck garbage disposal
  7. Replace or repair a defective water heater
  8. Trenchless sewer replacement
  9. Water heater repair

Mitch Clemmons: Professional Plumber and Family Man

Mitch and Charlene Clemmons started their business shortly after their first son was born in 2001. This left Mitch to do all of their books, remodels, and service calls, while Charlene stayed home to homeschool 3 children and take care of the household. Their oldest son, Nathan, was doing ride alongs with Mitch starting at the ripe age of 4 years old. At 15, Nathan got his work permit and came on board as an official apprentice. 

In Dec 2017, by a series of events and the business growing, Charlene found herself helping in the office. As she became more involved in the business, they finally made the jump from a sole proprietor to a corporation in 2019. Their middle daughter came on board to learn administrative skills and decided she wanted to invest full time in college. In addition, their youngest son came to work for them at 15 as well, but also enjoys training Jiu-Jitsu and is focusing on graduating a year early this Spring. 

They are proud to say, Nathan is a full-time plumber, doing everything from water softener installs, repairs, and replacements of the tank and tankless water heaters. In addition, Nathan is fascinated by the idea of taking over his dad’s company one day, and he’s very committed to making sure that it remains in family hands when Mitch retires.

Plumbers Near MeMitch Clemmons: Shaping the Future of Plumbers

This past summer Mitch hosted a FREE Summer Mini Plumbing Trade School. It was one day a week for 4 hours and required some home study to prepare before the next class. If you know of any people coming out of high school or the military, who have mechanical skills and work ethic, let them know they can get a free look at what the plumbing trade might look like.

Mitch Clemmons: A Master of His Craft

So the next time your plumbing is acting up trust in Mitch Clemmons Plumbing and his family. Not only will you get 24-hour service 7 days a week but you will also get 25 years of experience in the field. We bring passion and integrity to any job we tackle. What are you waiting for? See the Mitch Clemmons difference and experience a real master of his craft.

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