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How often do we turn on our faucets, hoses, washers, or sprinkler system and see the clear flowing water and feel secure knowing our plumbing is working properly. Yet, the water running out is only half of your system. The other half is simply unnoticeable or its design causes an issue to be unseen. That’s your drainage system. Its responsibility is to carry water, waste, and other fluids away from your home and down to a sewer or into a septic tank. Seems like that would be a fairly simple procedure. Yet, there are several components that must work properly so that this process goes smoothly. If any of these are compromised it can cause some damage that won’t reveal itself until, often, it’s too late.

Fixtures and a clogged drain

Fixtures are things like your:

  • toilet
  • faucet
  • dishwasher
  • tubs
  • or anything in your home that brings in fresh water and sends away used water or waste.

Fixtures, by design, are keeping the fresh water and used water separate. When one of these pieces breaks it’s obvious. When water doesn’t leave the house, that is a big problem. Your drainage system uses gravity, pitch (the angle of piping) and momentum to pull the water and waste through your pipes and out of your home. It also requires air to help move it along. The air usually comes by way of a vent.

Vents and a clogged drain

clogged drainVents serve many purposes in plumbing.One is helping the flow of waste and water out from your fixtures to a septic or sewer system. These are usually internal vents, like an air-admittance valve. Furthermore,these valves are “negative-pressure-activated” one-way mechanical valves. If the water in your toilet, tub, or sink starts to gurgle when emptying, this could be a sign of a blocked vent.

The type of vent or valve that is proper for your system is dependent upon the type of air pressure, positive or negative, that usually builds up. There are also vents designed to remove air from the system. Certainly you’ll sometimes see vents installed on the roof of homes to help the drainage system do that.  These vents help to remove toxic gases and fumes that can accumulate from waste. They can come in many shapes and sizes but there job is the same; keep waste gases from leaking into the home. This done with the use of traps.

Traps and a clogged drain

Most plumbing fixtures use traps to collect water and then prevent fumes from leaking into your home. Traps connect fixtures to waste lines which move the waste through things like a soil vent pipe. Your toilets have a built-in trap, so there’s no need for a trap elsewhere. Bathtubs may have a “drum trap”, to trap hair, dirt, and oil. Sometimes these fixtures have piping that will have a clean-out plug to assist with clearing out the collected waste.

drain clogBecause drainage systems are so vital to your plumbing system keeping your drains clean and maintained is imperative. Here are some benefits to keeping your drains clean and preventing a clogged drain:

  • Reduce Expenses – Having your drains routinely checked and clean not only keeps your home more sanitary but will allow a professional to see if there are other issues developing in your system. Replacing pipes, vents, traps, or any part of your plumbing system is far less expensive and more convenient if done before the crack or break.
  • Blockages – Even the smallest blockage can cause issues with bathtub or kitchen sink. Those small clogs can become quite serious if not attended to. Sometimes a clogged drain can cause your toilet to overflow. This is not the way you want to discover this issue.
  • Overall Hygiene – Keeping your drains clean is a great way to limit viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew and other diseases around your home. If there’s a clogged drain or drainage blockage, waste and water are starting to pool. As a result this can provide a breeding ground for a number of germs or pathogens.
  • Kill Odors – Cleaning your sewer drain helps to keep the odor to an absolute minimum. If you find the “P-Traps” in your house are giving off a smell, get them cleaned immediately.

Who can you call when you have a clogged drain?

Mitch Clemmons Plumbings uses the latest technology to inspect drains. Our highly-advanced Camera Inspection equipment can accurately find the problem and address it appropriately. Once we find the reason and source for the clog, we can provide our high-pressure hydrojetting service to cleanly and quickly remove the stoppage. Also, we can setup a schedule to routinely clean your drains with our hydrojetting process in order to keep your drainage system running smoothly. Give us a call to setup an inspection.  (562) 242-3218

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