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Drain Line Replacement and Other Relationship Issues – Part 2

Last time we talked about your relationship with your drains and how you can help maintain open and honest communication with those drains. OK, maybe we’re going too far with the analogy. But, we wanted to follow up with what can be done if you run into problems you can not take care of yourself.

Sewer & Drain Line Replacement Services

In some cases, entire pipes and drain lines need to be replaced. If the pipes are old, damaged, or a combination of both, it may be time to make a change. We realize that change can feel overwhelming and a bit scary. We are here for you. Thanks to modern technology, we have several trenchless options with minimal home and property disruption. If we find a problem requiring repair or replacement, or you want to up your game and give your pipes a facelift, we would be happy to go over the process and options for trenchless repair.

  • Pipe Bursting. As we all know, sometimes breakups are necessary to start a healthier relationship that can go the distance. Pipe bursting is a process that breaks up the old pipe while replacing it with a new line. We will attach a tool head to the new pipe and place it inside your old pipe. As it moves from one end to the other, the tool breaks up the old pipe as it lays the new pipe. This method is preferable when the relationship with the old pipe has deteriorated and can’t be saved.
  • Pipelining. If we determine that a breakup is unnecessary, we can create a new pipe inside the old pipe. Pipelining involves lining your old pipe with a special epoxy that will repair the old pipe and create a new pipe within. This process is preferable when the relationship with the old pipe is salvageable but requires a complete makeover. Drain line replacement can be done so have no

Sewer Cleanout Installation

The sewer cleanout is essential to resolving any conflicts or problems occurring within pipes in your home plumbing or the main sewer line. The cleanout is a length of pipe with a cap that connects your home pipes to the main sewer line and acts as a buffer between them. When problems arise in your plumbing, the cleanout enables us to access your pipelines and use unique cameras to investigate the source and initiate repairs. If you don’t have a cleanout, we will need to access your sewer line through a toilet or the roof! While doable, we think you will agree that those access points are far less desirable. 

The good news is we would love to help you install and maintain a sewer cleanout. Plumbing issues can arise even if you are expertly managing and maintaining your pipe relationships. The cleanout enables the best opportunity to find and solve those issues with the best precision and least disruption.

Plumbing Relations and Drain Line Replacement Support Hotline

We hope we have convinced you to start taking your drain relations more seriously to protect your home, family, and wallet. Although they are often silent partners in our life, drains are with us, supporting our daily activities. And when they are neglected, it can get ugly and expensive. However, you can be proactive and invest in the maintenance and longevity of your pipes. You can take steps to minimize plumbing issues and ensure that they will be less disruptive and less costly when they occur. 

Call us today to take your relationship to the next level! We can also help you take care of relationships gone bad and support you in building a new foundation for success. Call Mitch Clemmons Plumbing, your local drain relationship experts and counselors!

Keep your pipes happy with routine care and concern for their health and well-being.
Isn’t that the key to every successful relationship?

And call us here at Mitch Clemmons Plumbing if you hit a snag and need some outside assistance.
(562) 246-9778

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bleach dissolves hair

Bleach dissolves hair!

Did you know that bleach dissolves hair? It’s true! This is due to the chemical make up of the two. Bleach is a “basic” chemical and hair is “acidic”. The neutralization reaction between an acid and a base produces a salt and water. Bleach can dissolve any fiber that has acidic properties.

Next time you have a bathroom sink, shower, or bathtub draining slow try pouring a cup of liquid bleach into the drain. Be sure to rinse off any metal finishes with a little bit of water so they wont get damaged. After about a half hour any hair the bleach is in contact with will dissolve. Bleach dissolves hair and it takes a bit of time. If it doesn’t get rid of the stoppage completely then try another application of a cup of bleach.

This may not always work. There are many other things that can clog a drain line… floss, food, soap scum, hard water, GI JOE’s, etc… If the bleach doesn’t work give me a call. I’m always happy to come fix your drain. But hopefully the bleach tip will save you a few calls.

Liquid bleach is much less expensive than bottled drain cleaners… and for hair stoppages it’s much more effective (which usually bathroom sinks, showers and tubs are hair stoppages).

Caution: Of course you should always wear protective clothing, gloves, and goggles when handling chemicals such as bleach. Please be cautious!

(Edit: If your drain is completely stopped and is not draining at all it is best to call a plumber. Any chemical, if left to sit in a pipe, if it is unable to clear out the stoppage it has the potential to cause further problems. Bleach is less likely to cause any problems when compared to other chemical “drain cleaners”. But if the drain isn’t draining at all then the bleach, or any other chemical, will not be able to get down the drain to the problem area. Bleach dissolves hair but be careful!)

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hydro jetting

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hydro Jetting For Clog Removal

bleach dissolves hairEvery homeowner encounters a clogged drain once in a while, no matter whether the plumbing installation is new or old. Waste materials, grease or oil, and other debris can accumulate in the sewage pipes and block the passage of wastewater. It leads to clogs in the drain. Sometimes tree roots can create a blockage in the drain pipe.

If clogged drains are a frequent occurrence at your home, it is important to hire professional plumbers. They can identify the root cause of the issue and find a permanent solution. Though there are various methods to remove clogs in the drain pipes, hydro jetting is one of the most preferred options now. Listed below are five top reasons why hydro jetting outperforms traditional clog removal methods.

Efficient Cleaning

In the hydro jetting process, high-pressure water is pumped into the sewer pipes. It can break any obstacles on the way – from small dust particles to stubborn grease. By hiring a hydro-jetting company Fullerton, CA, you can ensure comprehensive cleaning of the drain pipes.

Safe And Sanitized

clogged drainThe plumbers often come in contact with the debris and sewage waste in traditional clog removal methods. Though the sanitary precautions are taken, the home and surrounding environment will also be exposed to contaminants from the sewage pipes. Not only it causes bad odors but also leads to unsanitary conditions. With hydro-jetting, there is no such problem as the wastes are not taken out but pushed out of the system.

Friendly To Nature

When compared with old clog removal methods, hydro jetting is an environment-friendly option. It does not use any chemical products hence ideal for buildings and homes located close to water bodies. Moreover, the wastes are not dumped on the environment when you opt for hydro jetting services, Fullerton, CA.

Long-Lasting Results

Hydro jetting helps to clear out all types of residues and wastes that accumulate in the drain pipes. It clears out the bacteria and other dirt as well. As it ensures efficient cleaning, you can expect long-lasting effects with hydro jetting services. Clogged drains will not be a trouble for the long-term when you hire a reliable drain jetting company Fullerton, CA. For the same reason, it is often recommended as an annual maintenance measure. Also, it is beneficial when you move to a new home so that you can ensure the drains are clean and well-maintained.

Cost-Effective Option

Though hydro jetting is slightly costlier than the other clog removal methods, it will help you save money in the long run. It eliminates the need for frequent cleaning of the pipes. Moreover, it doesn’t need to dig the ground to break the slabs and you can avoid costly repairs as well.

Hydro Jetting Experts In Fullerton, CA

At Mitch Clemmons Plumbing, our plumbing technicians are well-trained and equipped to provide hydro jetting services Fullerton, CA. If you are looking for a reliable, professional, and affordable hydro-jetting company in Fullerton, feel free to get in touch with us!

drain clog

Benefits and Tips for Regular Drain Cleaning

How often do you remember to clean the drains in your home? Proper drain cleaning is essential to remove clogs and keep the drains running correctly. Also, it can prevent future problems with the drains in your home.

Do You Need a Professional Drain Cleaning Service for the Work? 

Though many homeowners attempt to clean their drains by learning DIY tips, for best results and to keep the drain running well, professional service is necessary.

What Drain Cleaning Service Provider Does?

A professional drain cleaning team will come equipped with all the tools necessary to clean your drain. You don’t have to worry about the end results. They can apply their sewer jetting process which not only removes clogs but cleans the pipe itself. It will restore your pipe’s effectiveness and leave you with almost geed as new pipes.

For thoroughly cleaning the pipe, a hot jet of highly pressurized water is forced into the pipe. The professionals are skilled in this task. It will break up tough debris such as tree roots and strip away built-up kitchen grease that usually clogs the pipe.

Tips to Keep Your Pipe Running Smoothly

Following these tips can prevent damage and costly repairs, as well as prolong the lifespan of your pipes:

  • Allow only water and human waste to go into your pipes: Wet wipes, food, feminine products, kitchen grease, or other items can clog your kitchen or bathroom drains.
  • Get hair and food traps: Hair, when accumulated, can cause your drain to clog. Use a hair trap for your shower or bathtub. You can also get a food trap for your kitchen sink to avoid future clogs.
  • Don’t invest in commercial drain cleaners: Liquid drain cleaners are highly toxic. It also poses a threat to children and pets. These harmful chemicals can seep into groundwater, poisoning your drinking water as well as harming waterways and wildlife. Also, they aren’t suitable for all types of clogs.

Hire Mitch Clemmons Plumbing for Best Drain Cleaning in Fullerton and La Habra Areas

Mitch Clemmons Plumbing is a reliable company that provides the best drain cleaning service in Fullerton and La Habra. We have years of experience backed by a proven track record of successfully fixing drain issues in nearby areas. Our end goal is to satisfy our customers and our ever-evolving team works day in and out to achieve the same. Talk with one of our friendly representatives now for best Drain Cleaning Long Beach.

Drain Cleaning Services

Why Should Clogged Drains Be Handled By Professional Plumbers?

drain cleaning serviceEveryone knows that dreaded feeling when you’re in the shower or washing dishes in the kitchen sink and the water stops draining. Clogged drains are one of the most common, and most annoying, plumbing problems homeowners face. So what do you do when you need some drain cleaning done? While you may be tempted to dump a bunch of de-clogging chemicals down the drain, let’s take a look at a few reasons to invest in professional drain cleaning services.

Protect the plumbing system: When it comes to a clogged shower drain, kitchen sink, or bathroom sink, homeowners often resort to unsafe methods, like using a wire hanger or harsh chemicals, to fix the clog. While these methods may be effective, they’re overall damaging to the plumbing system. Fortunately, professional drain cleaning services get the job done without causing harm to the system. The tools and products used are completely safe and effective. So the clog can get taken care of while ensuring your system is protected too.

Provides a real solution: If you try to fix a clog yourself, you may end up doing more harm than good. Or you may take care of only part of the problem, still leaving yourself dealing with a frustrating clog. Furthermore, there are some problems that can’t be fixed without professional services. So taking the time to hire a local plumber in the first place will not only help fix the problem at hand but can clean the drain system properly in order to prevent future clogs as well. Professional drain cleaning can offer a real solution to clogged drains.

Potential issues are noticed: Sometimes, a clogged drain is more than a clogged drain. But without a professional plumbing service, further issues may go unnoticed. This can lead to even more issues down the road and if they’re not taken care of, your entire system could become compromised. But a professional plumber can not only take care of your clogged drain, but they can inspect the system to look for other issues. If there are further problems, they can be taken care of right then and there.

Fortunately for homeowners, there are about 117,776 plumbing businesses in the United States. So next time you have a clogged drain or another plumbing issue, make sure you leave it to the professionals to get the job done right.

Sinks Clogs

Importance of Drain Cleaning: Best Tips

Drain Cleaning may not be the best job to conduct but it is vital for health safety and comfort. The point of having drains at home is to flush wastewater out. It makes the area a key location for mold and bacteria buildup.

In your kitchen, illness-causing germs in food, food particles, and other yucky stuff frequently get flushed down the pipes. In bathrooms, you wash your hands, brush your teeth, and bathe your body, letting the residual water wash away. If you don’t clean the areas regularly, these areas can get pretty mucky. Mold growth, buildup from oils, and germs thrive in moist environments. They can cause smells, appear unsightly, and cause a real health threat over time.

How Often Should You Clean Your Drains?

You can ensure your drains stay fresh and clear of debris over time by adding drain cleaning to your regular cleaning schedule. Flush drains once a week with boiling water to keep most mold and germ growth under control.

Best Tips for Drain Cleaning

  • Cleaning for basic maintenance: Fill up a sink or tub with hot tap water or boiling water from a pot. Open the drain line to allow the water to fully work through the line instead of trickling down the path of least resistance. You can also use either baking soda or vinegar for added freshness.
  • Clearing mold: In case you notice mold in your shower or bathroom pipe, scrub out the visible area using a drain brush and baking soda. Flush thoroughly with vinegar and then with hot water again.
  • Clearing hair: Often hair buildup in drains will need the assistance of a professional plumber, especially if there is a significant buildup. Consider buying a drain strainer to prevent hair from clogging your drains. You can get it from your local home improvement or a big box store.
  • Clearing blockages:  In case hot water doesn’t seem to do the trick for clearing out minor blockages or getting rid of mold and bad odors, call a plumber. You could have a problem deeper in the line that needs to be examined. Don’t use chemical-filled products as they can sit above the blockage and rust your pipes, worsening the problem.
  • Clearing food disposals: Food disposals can cause bad odors. To eliminate food disposals and odor, pour baking soda into the drain followed by some vinegar. Allow the solution to sit for some time before running very hot water down the drain.

By cleaning your drain regularly, you can successfully prevent the most common drain blockage and odor problems. Many experts recommend cleaning solutions, like baking soda and vinegar, for a 100% natural and environmentally-friendly solution.

Hire a Drain Cleaning Professional

If you notice a lingering smell or a blockage that home remedies can’t fix, the professionals at Mitch Clemmons Plumbing can help you diagnose and fix drain issues and pipe blockages. We can also help fix leakages in pipes and install new drainage pipes. Get an appointment with one of our certified and reliable plumbers today.  Call us at 562-362-3218!


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Why Is My Kitchen Sink Drain Gurgling?

sink repairYou’re pretty savvy when it comes to repairing your kitchen sink, but what does it mean when your drain starts to gurgle? Unfortunately, it might be time to call in for sink repair before the problem gets too bad. Here’s why your drain is gurgling. 


There can be any number of reasons your sink is gurgling, but the most likely culprit is a clogged drain. If you don’t have a garbage disposal, then blockages can make the water struggle to flow past, sending back bubbles. As the bubbles move into the open space in your vent, the gurgling sound happens. 

Gurgling could also be caused by other methods, however. An improperly vented drain, a damaged pipe, or a clogged vent pipe can lead to loud gurgling and future plumbing issues resulting in necessary sink repair. 

Diagnosing the issue

The first tell-tale sign of a plumbing issue is the gurgling sound that can emanate from your kitchen or bathroom sink. It can also be accompanied by poor draining, a leaking sink, or a strange odor. 

Ask yourself this: does the sink gurgle when you use the faucet? Does it gurgle when other sources of plumbing are used, like the toilet or shower? Are other drains gurgling too? These are all important factors to tell your local plumber when you need to get your sink repaired by a professional.

How to prevent future issues

The best thing you can do for your sink is only put water down it. Even garbage disposals can’t handle hair and heavy loads of food that might clog your drain. Performing regular cleaning and maintenance is the only surefire way to ensure your drains stay at peak working condition. Follow the directions safely for any chemicals you may try to use when you unclog your sink. Many of these chemicals are dangerous to humans and animals and must be handled with care. If you are unable to fix the plumbing issue yourself, it’s in your best interest to call a plumber you trust to fix any issues you may have with your sink.

If you’re experiencing a problem with your drains, consider calling one of the 473,020 people the plumbing industry employs today. With Mitch Clemmons Plumbing, you’ll get the best in sink repair and emergency plumbing in California. 

Drain Cleaning Services

Clogged Drain?

Do you have a clogged drain?bleach dissolves hair

How often do we turn on our faucets, hoses, washers, or sprinkler system and see the clear flowing water and feel secure knowing our plumbing is working properly. Yet, the water running out is only half of your system. The other half is simply unnoticeable or its design causes an issue to be unseen. That’s your drainage system. Its responsibility is to carry water, waste, and other fluids away from your home and down to a sewer or into a septic tank. Seems like that would be a fairly simple procedure. Yet, there are several components that must work properly so that this process goes smoothly. If any of these are compromised it can cause some damage that won’t reveal itself until, often, it’s too late.

Fixtures and a clogged drain

Fixtures are things like your:

  • toilet
  • faucet
  • dishwasher
  • tubs
  • or anything in your home that brings in fresh water and sends away used water or waste.

Fixtures, by design, are keeping the fresh water and used water separate. When one of these pieces breaks it’s obvious. When water doesn’t leave the house, that is a big problem. Your drainage system uses gravity, pitch (the angle of piping) and momentum to pull the water and waste through your pipes and out of your home. It also requires air to help move it along. The air usually comes by way of a vent.

Vents and a clogged drain

clogged drainVents serve many purposes in plumbing.One is helping the flow of waste and water out from your fixtures to a septic or sewer system. These are usually internal vents, like an air-admittance valve. Furthermore,these valves are “negative-pressure-activated” one-way mechanical valves. If the water in your toilet, tub, or sink starts to gurgle when emptying, this could be a sign of a blocked vent.

The type of vent or valve that is proper for your system is dependent upon the type of air pressure, positive or negative, that usually builds up. There are also vents designed to remove air from the system. Certainly you’ll sometimes see vents installed on the roof of homes to help the drainage system do that.  These vents help to remove toxic gases and fumes that can accumulate from waste. They can come in many shapes and sizes but there job is the same; keep waste gases from leaking into the home. This done with the use of traps.

Traps and a clogged drain

Most plumbing fixtures use traps to collect water and then prevent fumes from leaking into your home. Traps connect fixtures to waste lines which move the waste through things like a soil vent pipe. Your toilets have a built-in trap, so there’s no need for a trap elsewhere. Bathtubs may have a “drum trap”, to trap hair, dirt, and oil. Sometimes these fixtures have piping that will have a clean-out plug to assist with clearing out the collected waste.

drain clogBecause drainage systems are so vital to your plumbing system keeping your drains clean and maintained is imperative. Here are some benefits to keeping your drains clean and preventing a clogged drain:

  • Reduce Expenses – Having your drains routinely checked and clean not only keeps your home more sanitary but will allow a professional to see if there are other issues developing in your system. Replacing pipes, vents, traps, or any part of your plumbing system is far less expensive and more convenient if done before the crack or break.
  • Blockages – Even the smallest blockage can cause issues with bathtub or kitchen sink. Those small clogs can become quite serious if not attended to. Sometimes a clogged drain can cause your toilet to overflow. This is not the way you want to discover this issue.
  • Overall Hygiene – Keeping your drains clean is a great way to limit viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew and other diseases around your home. If there’s a clogged drain or drainage blockage, waste and water are starting to pool. As a result this can provide a breeding ground for a number of germs or pathogens.
  • Kill Odors – Cleaning your sewer drain helps to keep the odor to an absolute minimum. If you find the “P-Traps” in your house are giving off a smell, get them cleaned immediately.

Who can you call when you have a clogged drain?

Mitch Clemmons Plumbings uses the latest technology to inspect drains. Our highly-advanced Camera Inspection equipment can accurately find the problem and address it appropriately. Once we find the reason and source for the clog, we can provide our high-pressure hydrojetting service to cleanly and quickly remove the stoppage. Also, we can setup a schedule to routinely clean your drains with our hydrojetting process in order to keep your drainage system running smoothly. Give us a call to setup an inspection.  (562) 242-3218

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The Hydrojet vs The Hydroplane

Wondering how hydrojet pipe cleaning relates to the hydroplane?

Well… Man has always had a love for by speed; whether in the air, on land, and even on water. Since the 20’s many have used the laws of physics to skirt the waves of the ocean in order to achieve extreme rates of speed. Using the idea of “planing” to glide along the water to avoid the drag of the water’s surface. Hydroplanes gained much notoriety in the May issue of Popular Mechanics in 1935.

The hydroplane’s success only encouraged our need for speed. With each decade the water speed record seemed to be falling at greater and greater speeds. In 1978, Ken Warby of Australia set the record at 317mph and it still stands to this day.

hydrojetNow the “hydrojet” sounds like it would be the heir apparent to the hydroplane. Yet this hydrojet would only be successful in cleaning said vessel. High-pressure water cleaning has been around for nearly a hundred years but only recently has it been a method for clearing out pipes in your home’s plumbing system.

The most common method for clearing out blockages or clogs in your pipes has normally been the tried and true plumber’s snake. So why has the hydrojet become a go-to for plumbers today?
Here are a few reasons why go with hydrojetting over snaking or rooting:

  • Hydrojetting Provides Complete Cleaning

    Hydrojetting is a very comprehensive way to clean your pipes. The high-pressure water is able to remove limescale, grease, soap build-up, hair, rust and mineral deposits, and various types of debris. Some hydrojets are even powerful enough to cut through tree and plant roots.

  • Hydrojetting is Cost-effective

    Since hydrojetting is such a thorough way to clean your pipes it can often save you money. It does this by removing the need for other services down the road. Maybe you need to just clear a large hair clog? Consider that since hydrojetting is powerful enough to clear out those tree roots why not knock them out while you’re in there?!

  • Hydrojet Nozzles Have Excellent Accessibility

    The old school plumbing snake has changed and adapted over the years. One such adaptation includes various nozzles and tubing of a hydrojet can reach places a bit easier than a cumbersome auger. Also, shoving a metal snake down some pipes can damage older or fragile pipes. Hydrojets have an easier time navigating up and around pipes that bend at severe angles.

  • Using Hydrojet Cleaning on your Drains is Environmentally Friendly

    Not many things can be safer to use than pure water. Hydrojetting uses the force of high-pressure to remove stubborn build-up instead of harmful chemicals or solvents. Many of which run down your drain and out to the ocean, filling up the very waters you may be fishing later this summer. Not only does it not require the use of harmful agents it also can remove them like residue bacteria from foods and liquids.

Mitch Clemmons Plumbing offers advanced hydrojetting along with Camera Inspection Technology. This helps our plumbers to know exactly where the blockage is and attack the issue efficiently and accurately. Call us today for an inspection.

Plumb vs Plum and Homeade Drain Cleaners

Plumb vs Plum and Homemade Drain Cleaners

The word plumb is quite interesting. Originally, it meant a lead weight attached to the end of string to determine when something was truly straight. It also helped determine how straight and deep something could be.

Then there’s Prunus domestica which we know as the plum. One of history’s first domesticated fruits. While we think of dried plums as prunes, Prunus is the actual scientific name of the plum. Did they come to get their name from their dark color and high metallic mineral content of manganese and copper? Since plums were one of the first domesticated fruits, I wonder if they got their name from how they hang? Like a plumb bob.

So how does the word plumb correlate with a plumb-er? The Latin word for Lead is plumbum. In ancient times, it was used in making roofs, drains, conduits, pipes and baths. The term “plumber” could apply to anyone who worked with lead. Nowadays, lead is a no-no in pipes. Yet the term plumber remains.

So really, though you’re not working with lead, if you’re working on your pipes, drains or fixtures, you’re essentially a plumber!

home made drain cleanersHomemade Drain Cleaners

The first step when you need to clear your drains is to manually get any hair or other material out of the drain area. You can use a specially made hook they sell at the hardware store or even a hanger that you set up so it will go down the drain and clean out whatever is in there.

The second step to is to clearing any clogged pipe or drain is to use a store bought drain cleaner. Whether it’s Drano or Liquid Plumr, you can find a number of chemical-based liquid products you can pour down your sink to help loosen and break-up hair clogs, grease and oil build-up, and food deposits. But, with those products there can be some issues to take note of:

  • Chemicals can be damaging to your pipes, fixtures and finish.
  • Most are quite toxic and fumes can be harmful to you, your family or pets.
  • Once flushed through your septic system they can prove hazardous to the environment.
  • Some are ineffective. The actual issue may be something else but now you have a tub full of hazardous fluid.

A better alternative would be a more natural homemade drain cleaner that is just as effective but not nearly has harmful.

Here’s one you can try:

1-2 cups vinegar
2 cups of Baking Soda
1 Large Pot of Boiling Water

Drain all the water from the sink, bowl, or tub. Pour a cup of baking soda into the drain. Then, pour about half of the what boiling water down into the drain. The mix of baking soda and boiling water should start eating at the build-up in the pipes.

Next, pour 1 more cup of baking soda down the drain along with 1 cup of white vinegar. You should plug the drain right after pouring in the vinegar.

Once you start hearing bubbles and fizzing you’ll know somethings happening. When the bubbles and fizz stops–pour the rest of the boiling water in.

Here’s another drain cleaner that uses bleach to clear the hair in a drain.  Click here ->

Keep using this homemade drain cleaner as much as needed.

plunger to clear drainsWhat if liquid drain cleaners don’t work?

The next option could be using a plunger to pull and push the clog. This often times can help move the clog along. But remember, a plunger is meant to bring the stuck stuff back up, not pushed down! You want to get out whatever is blocking the pipe.

It can also be fool’s gold. If you do push the material down further into the drain, the clog may move out of the way temporarily or partially break apart enough for water to pass.

What if a plunger doesn’t work on my clogged drain?

Another option is using a “snake”. A plumber’s snake is basically an auger with a flexible bit. Now these can be effective in drilling through and attaching to some clogs. Then reverse action of the auger would pull the clog out. Problem with snakes is the damage they can do to pipes if the pipes have cracks, rust, or are brittle. The bit can also do damage around the entry. But plungers can be very effective as a drain cleaner.

How can I prevent a clogged drain and therefore avoid these drain cleaners?

Ultimately the best thing would be to avoid habits that cause clogs and engaging in routine maintenance that would help clogs from forming.

clear drainsThese steps can included:

  • Use mesh screens in your sinks to catch food, hair and other objects.
  • Use your garbage disposal less. Save food waste for more environmental use like a compost pile.
  • Don’t think of your sink as a trash can. Much easier to replace garbage bags versus a bathroom sink.
  • Pour boiling water and baking soda down your drains once a month.

Encouraging and educating your household on the importance of properly disposing of waste and actively taking these steps will lessen your chances for clogs greatly!

If you have a clogged drain that you want cleaned correctly and thoroughly call the professionals at Mitch Clemmon Plumbing!
Your very best drain cleaner!
(562) 242-3218