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Running Toilet or Other Signs of a Leak?

Finding leaks aren’t things most people take time to do or want to. Leak detection is something that we, at Mitch Clemmons Plumbing, take seriously. Not only are you wasting water but you’re paying for it! Identifying and locating potential issues before they become a huge problem can save you money.

Each of our insured, certified, plumbers are specialists. They provide experience and skill, coupled with extensive training. These qualities allow them to locate water leaks with precision. We also use the latest in technology to help them in determining exactly where leaks maybe hiding or developing. It could be under your floors, driveway, sidewalks, lawn, trees, and even inside the walls. Of course that toilet running in the bathroom is a source of wasted water.

So, we find your toilet running or another type of leak, now what?

Finding where the leak is or could be is just the beginning. Getting to it and starting the process of repairing it is something else. Water leaks are tricky, quiet, agents of destruction. Much like a termite infestation, leaks in your pipes, slab, or elsewhere can be silently doing damage. This can go on for months or years before you see any evidence. Some leaks can be near electrical panels or wiring. These require quick action and the utmost in care and caution. With that in mind, here are some signs that you may have a leak:

Have you seen any signs of a water leak?

  • Steady drip at the faucet
  • Toilet running continuously
  • Water bill rising or higher than normal but usage steady
  • Walls feel soft in certain areas or have unusual stains
  • Smells originating from floor boards or drains
  • Water in tub or sink doesn’t drain
  • Damp sections on your concrete in your garage, patio, backyard, or wash room
  • Grass, plants, shrubs, weeds growing in odd areas
  • Mildew anywhere

There are other things to look for but those above are the most common.

Besides a running toilet what else do I need to know?

Leaks are no fun. Consider having your home, rental property, office building, or restaurant checked routinely. Not only are water leaks potentially expensive to repair but if they put your business on hiatus for an extended amount of time they’re going to become even more costly.  If you don’t see any signs but your water bill is sky high there’s obviously something going on. We can figure it out. Our highly-advanced equipment has a unique design to discover tough leaks and our technicians have insight and know-how in taking the best approach.

When maneuvering to get to a leak there’s a chance you may cause more damage. Our goal is to avoid having to remove existing walls or cut into slabs. We try and avoid taking any drastic measures to address the leak. We’ll always apply the most cost-effective approach without sacrificing the quality of work.

Water leaks, including running toilets, need immediate attention!

When you’re dealing with water leaks, you never want to take a laid-back approach. If you have suspicions, even the slightest of inklings, give us a call. If you hear your toilet running call us! We’ll do a detailed inspection of your property. Then we’ll make a best case/ worst case determination and give you several options. Now, there could be nothing seriously wrong. Let us, at Mitch Clemmons Plumbing, use our superior leak detection services to put you at ease. If it’s simply a running toilet the tightening of a hidden fixture or a coupling may fix it and you’re good to go! We will never do any more work than necessary but we’ll make sure to get the work done right.

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