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Sewer Camera Inspection & Line Location

Drain Clog? Find an Expert in Diagnosing Sewer Drain Problems

Today’s technology allows drain clogs to be addressed quickly and easily. It used to be that these issues were extremely difficult to find and fix. However, now our Sewer Camera Inspection equipment can accurately identify problems in a pipe. This can save lots of money when you can concentrate on a specific issue and is less invasive than tearing out walls or cutting into concrete.

Here are a few other benefits of finding your drain clogs and then using Mitch Clemmons Plumbing’s Camera Inspection service :

  • Save time by eliminating the guesswork about where the drain clog is coming

  • Identify problems with a pre-sell or pre-buy inspection of a property

  • Line location prior to expanding on your home

  • Locating items lost or trapped in pipes

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Can I fix this drain clog on my own?

There are times when there is a drain clog in your toilet, a drain clog in your sink, or a drain clog in your slab. When your drains are clogged and you don’t know where the clog is coming from it’s time to call the professional plumbing pros that work in Fullerton, Brea, and surrounding areas to get in there with a camera and find out what is really wrong.
You can save a lot of money by getting a camera into your drain to get to the bottom of the issue right away before serious damage is done.
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