Want Great Water in Your Home?

Clean drinking water is an important part of good health. With a quality water filtration system you can have water from your tap that’s often better than bottled water. Mitch Clemmons Plumbing offers solutions for all your water quality needs. Do you need basic filter replacement or installation of a whole house filtration system or a water softener? Whole house water filtration and water softening work together to give homeowners the best water quality possible.

Softening your water does many wonderful things for you and your home:


  • Saves a lot of money on detergents, shampoos, and soaps since you need just a tiny bit.
  • Keeps your skin soft and your hair silky and manageable.
  • Clothes stay more colorful and looking new longer using soft water for washing.
  • Allows for easier all-around cleaning.
  • Keeps your shower walls free from hard water film. 
  • Prevents plumbing scale and mineral deposits in your pipes and water heater extending the life of those household appliances.
  • Reduces energy costs because appliances work more efficiently with clean water running through the pipes.
  • Adding a water softener and drinking water system will increase your home's value.

Interested in Clean Drinking Water?

A reverse osmosis system at your kitchen sink is another type of water filtration.  It takes that soft water to the next level by making it perfect for drinking and cooking purposes. Most of the big bottled water companies use reverse osmosis systems to clean their water.

We can also install hot water machines that allow instant hot water to be available at your finger tips right at the kitchen sink. This is perfect for teas, coffees, soups and so many other uses in the kitchen! We offer a wide variety of options and services for your home or office. 

Can I Get Water Filtration and an Automated Coffee Machine in the Office?

If you’re a business owner looking to setup a beverage station for your employees, we can help! Whether it’s an automated coffee machine, soda machine, drinking fountain, or any refreshment equipment we can get that set up for you. Research suggests offering quality beverages at the office increases productivity. 

Let us show you the various ways you can perk up your office with various water filtration products. 

We also offer scheduled maintenance for your water filters and equipment. This is important and should be put on your calendar every year. 

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