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Is Your Slab Leaking? Spot Common Signs

It is not easy to spot a slab leak as they are not easily accessed nor can they be fixed manually. Here are some common signs to identify if your slab is leaking. It is also advisable to take the help of Slab Leak Detection professional to do the job for you.   

Signs To Identify A Slab Leak Issue:

  • Increased water and/or energy bills: Your water or energy bills will be substantially higher than usual. It will happen even though you haven’t been using any more water or electricity than you normally do.
  • The odd sound of running water: If hear the sound of running water even after you turn off all the fixtures, it probably might be the sound of your slab leaking.
  • Water pressure is low: In the case of a slab leak, the water will not flow strongly as it usually does. One strong and common reason for water pressure drop is a slab leak which a Slab Leak Detection professional can easily handle.
  • The water heater has burnt out: A slab leak makes the water heater work extra hard much like a pump of a well. It can shorten its lifespan and you will have to replace your water heater.
  • You notice puddles: When there is a slab leak, you will notice water puddles on your kitchen floor, bathroom or even the laundry room. You might also notice puddles or wet spots on the slab itself in cases where the broken pipe runs through underground or the garage.

It is not only indoors. If you notice puddles in the yard that haven’t come from the garden hose, you need a professional plumber to inspect the case.

  • Floors are damaged and cracked: Damaged and cracked floors are major signs of slab leak which you should not let go unnoticed. You need to repair the leak quickly and also call in a general contractor to repair the floor to prevent further damage to your property.
  • Hot Spots: When there is a leak in your hot water line, the concrete of the slab will heat up. It will make the slab warm and also warm the floors right above it.

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Slab Leaking

Slab Leaking? 5 Reasons You Should Fix It Immediately

Leak Detection: How do you know whether your slab is leaking?

Leak detection in the slab is a bit tricky as you may not notice the change in your foundation immediately. One sign is that you may find your water bill may be mounting even when your usage has not increased. Alternatively, you may notice a crack or break in the cement floor of the garage. Many homeowners may not notice the leak until they spot molds in baseboards. Another indication of a possible water main or sewer line leak is mildew in the basement or under sinks.

Any of these signs should be taken seriously and addressed right away. If you wonder if you have a slab leak call Mitch Clemmons Plumbing right away and we’ll come out and assess the situation. (562) 246-9778

What can happen if you don’t fix your slab immediately?

  • It will cause deterioration of the ground under your home which can compromise your foundation.
  • Consequently, you may begin to see cracks in your walls and floors.
  • It will lead to the formation of mildew, mold and other pathogens which can be very dangerous.
  • The whole house may shift and settle – and not in a good way.

Deterioration and Pathogens from Slab Leaking

A water leak can lead to erosion in the ground under your home. This occurs especially if it seeps into the water table. It will lead to a chain reaction that can deteriorate your concrete slab which is the foundation of your home. Your floors will begin to show signs of issues first. They will slant and buckle on all levels of your home.

When your slab foundation breaks or cracks, it can cause problems with doors, walls, windows and even the roof. It will be difficult to open and close your windows and doors. It will have an effect on the upper floors and possibly the pitch of the roof. In the long run, it will eat away at your foundation. And, if you allow the leak to spread, you can lose your home.

A warm, moist environment is the best environment for mildew and mold to thrive. As long as it has moisture, a black or brown slime can begin on your lowest floor and work its way up the walls. 

Best Way to Fix a Slab Leak

It is best to get the help of a professional to fix a slab leak. If you reside in Fullerton, La Habra or Brea area, or any of the surrounding neighborhoods, you can hire a professional at Mitch Clemmons Plumbing(562) 246-9778

Why hire us? We have the latest leak detection equipment to help you quickly find and repair your leaking pipes. Many leaks can be located and repaired the same day. It may not be necessary to tear up the foundation looking for the leaking pipe. Hire our professional today for slab maintenance lest you end up losing your property gradually but eventually.

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