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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hydro Jetting For Clog Removal

bleach dissolves hairEvery homeowner encounters a clogged drain once in a while, no matter whether the plumbing installation is new or old. Waste materials, grease or oil, and other debris can accumulate in the sewage pipes and block the passage of wastewater. It leads to clogs in the drain. Sometimes tree roots can create a blockage in the drain pipe.

If clogged drains are a frequent occurrence at your home, it is important to hire professional plumbers. They can identify the root cause of the issue and find a permanent solution. Though there are various methods to remove clogs in the drain pipes, hydro jetting is one of the most preferred options now. Listed below are five top reasons why hydro jetting outperforms traditional clog removal methods.

Efficient Cleaning

In the hydro jetting process, high-pressure water is pumped into the sewer pipes. It can break any obstacles on the way – from small dust particles to stubborn grease. By hiring a hydro-jetting company Fullerton, CA, you can ensure comprehensive cleaning of the drain pipes.

Safe And Sanitized

clogged drainThe plumbers often come in contact with the debris and sewage waste in traditional clog removal methods. Though the sanitary precautions are taken, the home and surrounding environment will also be exposed to contaminants from the sewage pipes. Not only it causes bad odors but also leads to unsanitary conditions. With hydro-jetting, there is no such problem as the wastes are not taken out but pushed out of the system.

Friendly To Nature

When compared with old clog removal methods, hydro jetting is an environment-friendly option. It does not use any chemical products hence ideal for buildings and homes located close to water bodies. Moreover, the wastes are not dumped on the environment when you opt for hydro jetting services, Fullerton, CA.

Long-Lasting Results

Hydro jetting helps to clear out all types of residues and wastes that accumulate in the drain pipes. It clears out the bacteria and other dirt as well. As it ensures efficient cleaning, you can expect long-lasting effects with hydro jetting services. Clogged drains will not be a trouble for the long-term when you hire a reliable drain jetting company Fullerton, CA. For the same reason, it is often recommended as an annual maintenance measure. Also, it is beneficial when you move to a new home so that you can ensure the drains are clean and well-maintained.

Cost-Effective Option

Though hydro jetting is slightly costlier than the other clog removal methods, it will help you save money in the long run. It eliminates the need for frequent cleaning of the pipes. Moreover, it doesn’t need to dig the ground to break the slabs and you can avoid costly repairs as well.

Hydro Jetting Experts In Fullerton, CA

At Mitch Clemmons Plumbing, our plumbing technicians are well-trained and equipped to provide hydro jetting services Fullerton, CA. If you are looking for a reliable, professional, and affordable hydro-jetting company in Fullerton, feel free to get in touch with us!