Rooter Service

Rooter Service

Roots in your Plumbing Pipes?

If you are experiencing plumbing issues there’s a chance that roots could be intruding into your pipes. Trees, shrubs and large outdoor plants often have roots that can, over time, make their way into the foundation and damage the internal structure of your home. Once these roots run into an obstacle, they either go around it or through it. 
These roots have very destructive tendencies. How many times have you seen sidewalks, driveways, even walls cracked and broken due to the slow, methodical, brutish force of ever-sprouting roots? Some of their most notorious damage done to your home will be to its plumbing. And if you’re living on a street lined with trees you can expect to have trouble with your plumbing.

The Cure for Roots in Your Plumbing Pipes – Rooter Service

Well fortunately for all of us, in 1933 Samuel Oscar Blanc combined a washing machine motor, wagon wheels, and a steel rope to create the first “rooter”. Motivated by a clogged drain at his son’s home, Samuel designed the machine that his wife would coin a name for. That name really caught on. We are not allowed to use that name as it is part of the companies registered copyright. This new rooter system was designed to remove roots that had invaded the sewer pipes. This invention would go on to be a huge commercial success. It’s creation removed the costly need of digging up pipes and clearing the obstructions by hand. Known also as a drain auger, rooter, or plumber’s snake there isn’t a credible plumber around who hasn’t used one of these instruments that clear roots in your plumbing pipes.
With improvements in construction and new technologies in materials roots are not the nuisance they were back in the 30’s. Yet, many houses and buildings still standing today are without these modern advancements. Therefore, the need for a rooter hasn’t lessened all that much. But the new wave of tools like hydro-jetting and chemical cleaners have made the good ole rooter service seem a bit obsolete—well, it isn’t. 

There are several benefits of using a rooter service, here are a few:

  • Cost: When your kitchen sink or toilet backs up it could be a simple fix and a rooter could help fix the issue quickly. Some might suggest hydro-jetting which too could fix the problem but a substantial cost. So rooter offers an alternative that’s affordable and at times as equally effective as the much more expensive hydro jet.
  • Pipes: Older homes usually have older pipes. If they are the original existing pipes, they may be brittle in some sections. So using a high pressure spray like a hydro jet might be too powerful and cause more damage than the clog you’re trying to remove. That is why we would use a rooter type of device.
  • Non-hazardous: Chemical cleaners can be very effective in dissolving clogs caused by oils, foods, or even hair. Unfortunately, their effectiveness is often due to some highly toxic ingredients. This isn’t the case with a mechanical snake otherwise known as a rooter. While it may be a bit more laborious it’s far safer. 

If you’ve taken a couple unsuccessful swings at a clog with a chemical cleaner don’t hesitate any longer.

We’ll knock that clog out of the park; well at least out of your pipes. Call today 562-242-3218.

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Rooter Service

Rooter Service

hydrojetAre Drain Clogs a Problem at Your Home? Consider Hydro Jetting.

Indoor plumbing systems have existed as far back as ancient Egypt. Since that time, pipes with running water eventually became clogged. Fortunately, we have some modernized equipment and offer rooter service to deal with such problems.

Mitch Clemmons Plumbing utilizes the latest in rooter service technology to:

  • Clear blocked drains
  • Clear sewer lines
  • Clean the drains using hydro jetting
  • Clear the drain using a rooter service

Highly pressurized water can blast through tough blockages of hair, food, cooking oils, dirt, or other types of residue. In addition, hydro jetting primarily uses water instead of toxic chemicals making the process environmentally safe.

Other reasons why hydro jetting, rooter service is useful:

  1. Versatile: Multiple drains, pipes, metal walls and sewers lines can be cleaned with pressurized water .
  2. Efficient: Effectively removes and flushes several types of clogs and blockages.
  3. Low risk of damage: High pressure water won’t harm pipes.
  4. Easy clean up: Because there’s no chemicals, there’s no hazardous waste to remove.
  5. Cost-effective: Finally, hydro jetting can save money in the long run by completely removing stubborn residue that might cost you a complete repipe later on.

Rooter Service

A  plumber's snake, auger, or rooter is preferred on occasion. Special machinery is used if there are tree roots or other types of stoppage may need to be broken up prior to hydro jetting. On the other hand, a minor clog in a toilet or in an old kitchen sink may require no additional hydro jetting. 

It can be difficult to determine if your slow draining tub is due to a small clog or a major blockage. Consequently, we employ our advanced Camera Inspection technology to ensure we're properly attacking the issue at the source.

Mitch Clemmons Plumbing is ideally prepared and equipped to handle whichever solution is appropriate for your clogged drain.

Do you live around Fullerton, Brea, or La Habra and need rooter service? We do too! Give us a call for any residential or commercial drain cleaning or pipe clearing service.
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